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  • United Kingdom - London
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Lise McQuillin Francis

Lise is The Shop founder and executive producer, she oversees all departments, bringing with her unrivalled credentials from all sides of production, including being a juror at the Cannes Lions Craft Awards. 

Lise earned herself an innovative reputation working for major UK broadcasters, particularly inside the BBC and MTV, as well as working at the sharp end of production and service production for independents in the UK and Spain. Including managing the UK arm of Palma Pictures. 

With more than 20 years of production experience Lise’s insight and knowledge had creative agencies such as GREY London turning to her to help shape their in-house and external production models.

Work with brands such as; Vodafone, Carlsberg, Volvo, Hilton, Mazda, Old El Paso, HSBC and Jonnie Walker means you have a super safe pair of hands and someone you can fully trust by your side. 

​Lise is the ultimate professional and understands the day to day pressures of delivering a quality production.