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Good Film Company

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  • United Kingdom - London

Yanina Barry

A very experienced and senior Producer, Yanina Barry runs The Good Film Company in London, established for over 30 years.

It is recognised as the UK’s leading Production Service Company.

Good Films produces TVCs, music videos, corporate films and documentaries, digital, web, social and branded content, animation, movies, drama and stills.

Our Clients come back to us time and again. We are very proud of that.

We have Clients from all over the world, from Tokyo to Taipei, New York to New Delhi, Berlin to Beijing and Bangkok, Los Angeles to Lisbon, Cape Town to Cairo, Sydney to Seoul and from Amsterdam to Athens.

We are trusted by Clients, Directors and Crews.

We have great experience filming with Celebrities, Film Stars, Sportsmen and Sportswomen, Actors and Musicians. And animals, even polar bears.

We have a huge location library of over 100,000 photographs. 

And in case we forget, we have a specialist car filming unit.

We have wide experience in all areas of visual communications and have worked on virtually all types of production – studio, location, special effects, motion control, product and pack shots, animation, animatronics, CGI and stunt driving. We are experts in post production and SPFX.

We have all legally required insurances in place, as well as all required tax and safety advice and support.

Good Films is your London Office, fully equipped with the latest technology, for instant communications and production support, as well as complete production services – research, budgeting, location scouting, casting, scheduling, crewing and post production.

We look forward to welcoming you to London and the UK.