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Tango Films

Service Production Company


Based In

  • Spain - Madrid
  • Poland - Warsaw
  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Gosi Zatorska

Gosia Zatorska Trojanowska – graduate of law and film production degrees, mum of two grew-up-too-fast children, water sport slow learner and travel freak. 

Gosia has been in Tango from the very beginning of its existence, 8 years later she was already the co-owner of the one of the biggest and most successful companies producing ads and services in Poland and abroad. She has gathered together a bunch of hard working, passionate individuals and managed to build a stable family-like team. All her life revolves around Tango – her second home in the priorities have always been the people, a friendly atmosphere and a healthy amount of gossip 😀

After 25 years, with a portfolio full of successful projects, cooperation with world-renowned directors, she still gets positive, motivational jitters before the shoots. She might seem very professionally successful and privately fulfilled. She also has three most ill mannered, spoiled dogs in the whole wide world.