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Ready To Shoot

Production Service Company


Based In

  • Portugal - Lisbon

Margarida Adonis

I was born in Lisbon in 1967 and concluded a degree in Hotel Management.  I’m the Founder & Managing Director of Lisbon-based Ready To Shoot, a production service company established 19 years ago.

I’m a Mother, a Wife and a Producer, and sometimes I’m forced to change this order of priorities.

Ready To Shoot has produced more than 3000 shooting days over the years for all sorts of international production companies & brands.

It’s common to say I’m passionate for what I do, I’m frank, reliable, obsessed by detail, and I never give up to find a solution for the challenges we have to face in each project.

I’m a crazy Human. I love to laugh. I love to cry with a good movie. I’m hard-worker, I love my Job and love a glass of wine when I’m done.

In my spare time I stay with the family, I plant trees in my garden and I travel every time my kids don’t have school.