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Pink Rabbit

Boutique Production Company


Based In

  • Netherlands - Amsterdam

Mireille Lampe

When Mireille founded Pinkrabbit in (2006) she wanted to create a place where talent could be nourished, managed and inspired. 
Being a economist and photographer visualizes her strength in connecting different worlds. Her aim is to create a home base for everyone involved in production. 

Recently she teamed up with young director Basha to expand and fuel the creative side of the company.

At Pinkrabbit craft is always serving the story and a close and personal collaboration with clients keeps it fun and communicative. Making the unexpected work and work with the unexpected. 

Over the years the Pinkrabbit family has produced award-winning commercials and music videos. We’re always trying to dig deeper and be as creative in our way of producing, as our directors are in executing their craft.