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  • Spain - Barcelona

Tina Dobslaw

Tina Dobslaw is a woman in a man’s world.
Tina set up myway to add a female touch in a male-dominated industry. A myway production is done her way, with a personal approach and a combination of German efficiency and a Spanish sense of fun – assets that have helped myway build a loyal global client base and a first-rate, popular talent pool in Spain.
With a background in photography, advertising and film production, Tina has worked for top production companies including RSA, The Sweet Shop, Czar, Anorak, The Gang and Markenfilm. Launching her own business in 2015, she already had over 20 years experience in photo and video production across Europe.
At myway, Tina and her talented team are experts in video and photo content production and work across fashion and beauty and principally car shoots, recently collaborating with Seat, Porsche and Mercedes.