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Jeanette Gonzalez

Jeanette is an award-winning producer with over 15 years of experience in the television commercial industry. Providing enthusiastic and insightful leadership, Jeanette has a proven track record managing and motivating production teams to deliver excellence: on-time, on-budget.

Jeanette has worked for a wide range of production companies, as well as advertising agencies. She is a producer with experience in both arenas, so her objectives on a film set can encompass the vision of all.

In addition to her work in commercial and web content production, Jeanette has also produced several short films and videos. These include the Emmy award-winning, Great Performances segment of “The Hallelujah Chorus,” conducted by Quincy Jones, and the short film, “Beyond the Ladies Room Door,” featured in the shorts program at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Shortly after winning the Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Film Festival, Dutch filmmaker, Rogier van der Ploeg, joined forces with Jeanette to establish the successful production boutique, Czar Films USA, based in New York. In order to be close to the action on the set, plus run the company, Jeanette worked as both Line and Executive Producer. This protocol, coupled with a strong collaboration with Rogier, offered a distinctive blend of service to the advertising agency and client on each of their projects. Together, they produced awardwinning spots for clients such as Budweiser, Ameritech, Miller Lite, Chrysler and Sprint.

Her producing expertise encompasses web and interactive production, and branded entertainment. She’s played a key role in the creation of campaigns, product launches and redesigns for clients. She launched the film division at Moondog Collective, and successfully shepherded it as EP, Head of Production, from ground zero, until her departure at the end of January 2016. Currently, she is the Executive Producer of Manhattan Productions, spearheading its content & commercial endeavors.

As an EP, Jeanette’s reputation has cemented relationships with some of the top agencies and clients in the world, and she continues to provide the exceptional work the industry has come to expect of her. She brings creativity, a keen client service, budget management, and high-level communication and organizational skills to every endeavor. Her diverse experience in production and post-production is exceptional, and she brings to bear a depth of talent and understanding of the industry that is unique in the field of broadcast commercial and content production.