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  • United States - Los Angeles

Jessie Nagel & Colleen OMara

Hype is a boutique communications agency that provides brand-strategic PR, marketing and social media services to creative companies. We provide an extremely hands-on approach to client service and a collaborative philosophy that positions us as a preferred resource to members of the media. Dedicated to the entertainment industry as a community, Hype is committed to keen storytelling and promoting the creative process. The carefully assembled and highly trained Special Agents form our dynamic collective.  Our mission: to boost profiles and spread effective brand image worldwide.

Special Agents Jessie Nagel and Colleen O’Mara developed the master plan to create Hype — a sassy boutique communications agency with the name that says it all. Today, they enjoy the daily buzz and activity Hype offers including the chance to highlight the creative process and passion Hype’s clients have in spades. Don’t believe the hype? Well now you can.

Find out more at or socialize at at Instagram at @we.are.hype and Twitter @HypeWorld