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  • Hungary - Budapest
  • Romania - Bucharest
  • Serbia - Belgrade

Anna Sesztakova

Based in Budapest, Anna is a Russian native and a Hungarian citizen with years of post-production and marketing background.

As a daughter of a TV producer and journalist, Anna never experienced issues with communication skills, she loves being around people and never really stops talking. She believes that good production starts and ends with hospitality and personal approach. Whatever job she is doing, she is always enthusiastic and positive. She is truly in love with Budapest and will make sure you fall in love with it too. She is the right person to go to for all the cool bars, eateries and fun places.

Apart from work, Anna mostly cares about her family, trying to spend as much time as possible with her husband and little son Mark. Her passions are shoes, good food and exotic travels.

Georgiana Doman

She started out by watching over the finances of so many jobs done by Family Film. Later, Georgiana began to manage projects, from small ones to movies, and now she is leading the Belgrade office.

From her family she got all the creativity and will to make things better everyday. And from her work at Family she learned how to hold together a team and make things happen even during the toughest times.

I guess mentioning she is good with finances is the smallest of her skills. But it is, after all, what any good producer need to master from the very beginning.

Apart from her work, Georgiana loves reading and going to the gym.

Irina Doman

Irina always wanted to be a business woman, knowing she has what it takes do make it. And time proved that she was right. Moreover, she did it in an industry where mostly men were leading.

Irina is in charge with the financial department and, as everyone is saying, she in handling this with elegance and strength at the same time.

After working hours, she is a very hands-on mom and wife. Basically, she keeps everybody going, in the office and at home.

And when she can have some time for herself, you can surely find her in the gym as she is a fitness addict. Or having brunch with her friends. Or shopping, one of her biggest passions.