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  • Spain - Barcelona
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Gloria Ochoa

I was born and raised in Madrid, where I also completed my university studies. I obtained my law degree in1986 and I practiced as a lawyer until 2002. If you are a lawyer, your studies really begin when you start practicing, learning the system, clients and all about the Courts. In addition to the cases that dealt with, I studied management and business administration specialising in tax issues. In 2002, I joined the management team of a production company in Málaga. My main duties: management and administration of the company focused mainly on the financial and tax area, being responsible for the coordination and supervision between the department of production and accounting as well as implementing processes in order to a correct management of the resources for public administrations. There I met my current business partner, Ivo Van Vollenhoven, and founded Twentyfour-Seven in 2004, and since then, we have traveled a long and sometimes hard road to position ourselves as leaders in the production service market in Spain.